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Kids aren’t always gentle, but their skin certainly is. We created this category to help you find natural and organic products that won't disturb or irritate delicate skin. Whether you're looking for barrier balm, bath oil, or baby shampoo, our products will help you nourish and protect their skin! 

Our Favourite Products to Soothe Dry Skin:

When you’re trying to soothe dry baby skin, it can be difficult to know what baby cream to use and how often to use it. Our guides will not only give you some pointers, but also some top recommendations on what natural and organic products will keep your baby’s skin nourished.

Our Favourite Baby Care Products:

Caring for babies can sometimes require a whole kit and caboodle. We recommend trying the Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream and the Burt's Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath, which avoid using drying ingredients so that your baby’s skin can remain soft and balanced. 

Our Favourite Non-Toxic SPF for Kids:

We know kids love to get outside, and we also know they have delicate skin that is very susceptible to sun damage. It’s important to start teaching ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ as early as possible with these safe, non-toxic sunscreens for kids.

For babies and toddlers try the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Kids Spray Sunscreen SPF50+, which is a gentle easy-to-apply formula. 

For children a little bit older try a natural, physical sunscreen like the Eco Tan Natural Rose Hip Sunscreen SPF30 or the Avène Sunscreen Spray for Children SPF 50+

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Recent reviews on Baby & Children Care products

Avène Sunscreen Spray for Children SPF 50+ 200ml
Avène Sunscreen Spray for Children SPF 50+ 200ml

Not an aerosol!

spray bottle sunscreen has made my life so much easier, I use to have to sit there for ages to make sure I've covered all exposed areas before going out on a sunny day since I burn so easily. Although with this product you do have to rub in the product after spraying, I prefer spending that little extra time if it means reducing the amount of aerosol products I use.
Weleda Baby Care Gift Pack
Weleda Baby Care Gift Pack

Great upgrade gift

A great upgrade gift from their older $20 skincare pack. It's a great baby shower gift, I find it feels a little more generous than the $20 pack.
Weleda Baby Care Starter Pack
Weleda Baby Care Starter Pack

A must have for baby shower gifting

The best (and most practical) gift for new Mum's, I buy it for all my GF's before attending baby showers.