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Compromise, schmompromise! You’ve been told that when it comes to skincare, it’s one or the other: active, or natural. Can it be so hard? All you’re after is active but not pumped full of toxic materials. Natural without sacrificing on efficacy. The struggle is real! Elemental Herbology is the antidote.

Packed full of botanical actives and extracts to keep your skin in tip-top shape, this English skincare brand understands that compromise is not something you’re prepared to engage with - not when it comes to the health of your skin.


What are Elemental Herbology’s best sellers?

Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Moisturiser, with its intensely hydrating and smoothing properties is a natural winner, and its barrier repairing and plumping qualities make it easy to see why its something people return to again and again, especially those with dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin.
Elemental Herbology Cell Nourish Serum is another winner that is suitable for all skin types but is particularly ideal for those who are looking for a little pep in their (skins!) step. Brightening the complexion while also promoting radiance and hydration from within, this serum is a clear winner, pumped full of vitamins, proteins and antioxidants.


Are Elemental Herbology an anti-ageing brand?

Definitely! Anti-ageing skincare can take many forms, including hydration and brightening which can be found across the Elemental Herbology range, but more specifically, products from the “Metal” range - aka Elemental Herbology Bio-Cellular Matrix Serum, Elemental Herbology Cell Active Rejuvenation Moisturiser, Elemental Herbology Eye Elixir Eye Cream and Elemental Herbology Hyaluronic Booster Plus Serum will be particularly pertinent. Keep an eye out for anything in rose gold packaging - these are the most potent anti-aging products across the range and will be the best for a mature complexion looking for a boost.


What skin types can use Elemental Herbology?

All skin types are catered for in the Elemental Herbology range - and in fact, they’ve dedicated one ancient Eastern “element” for each skin type they’ve identified.
Those with oily or problematic skin should keep an eye out for the “fire” range - whose hero products include Elemental Herbology Cool & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser and Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Purifying Face Mask.

Those with normal or combination skin are “wood”, and should try such products as Elemental Herbology Skin Resurfacing Multi-Acid Facial Pads and Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse Facial Cleansing Oil.

If you’re concerned with ruddiness or dullness in the complexion, you’re an “Earth” and would benefit from the use of Elemental Herbology Cell Nourish Serum or Elemental Herbology Vital Glow Overnight Resurfacing Cream to bring a bit of life back to your complexion.

If ageing is your primary concern, “Metal” is your guiding element, and as such you’ll benefit from the active botanicals present in Elemental Herbology Bio-Cellular Matrix Serum or Elemental Herbology Cell Active Rejuvenation Moisturiser.

Finally, it will come as no surprise that “Water” is the prevailing element for those with a dry or dehydrated complexion. These folx will adore Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Moisturiser and Elemental Herbology Facial Soufflé Overnight Cream for their quenching properties.


Are Elemental Herbology Cruelty Free?

Yes! As an ethically focused company, Elemental Herbology is completely cruelty-free with over 20 vegan-friendly formulations too - and this number grows every day.

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Elemental Herbology Lip Nourish Plumping Lip Balm 12ml
Elemental Herbology
Elemental Herbology Lip Nourish Plumping Lip Balm 12ml

Good product

This lip balm is great! It makes my lips so soft and supple
Elemental Herbology Facial Soufflé Overnight Cream 50ml
Elemental Herbology
Elemental Herbology Facial Soufflé Overnight Cream 50ml


this has been a lifesaver on/after all the flights I`ve been on in the last few months. IT keeps my skin so smooth and plump
Elemental Herbology Cell Active Rejuvenation Moisturiser 50ml
Elemental Herbology
Elemental Herbology Cell Active Rejuvenation Moisturiser 50ml

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This moisutriser is one of my favorite new products. It makes my skin feel great, my mum loves it too!