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Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel
Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel

Lux quality

This products has blown me away. I was a little sceptical as the packaging looks a bit clinical so I hoped it wasn’t going to be harsh but the products is anything but! I’m 30 and I felt like it’s time to do a few more peels to help the skin cells turn over more frequently.
My skin time is delicate / normal to dry. I could tell buy the texture it was going to be good. It felt like a hydrati...
Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask 50g
Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask 50g

Skincare Staple

I use this twice a week, it's so gentle on the skin, but so powerful. I put this on before my night serum & hydrating mask,, and wake up so glowy & fresh. It lasts a long time too. Add it to your routine.
Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask
Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask

Not for Me

I received a sample of this, but wasn't really sold on it. I found it irritated my skin, in that it stung. It didn't make much different to the surface of my skin either